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        2. Welcome to the official website of Longkou Jiabao Aquatic Food Co., LTD.
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          Longkou Jiabao Aquatic Product Co., Ltd.

          National Information Hotline


          Contact Information

          same as Wechat ID

          International business contact: Ms.Fu

          Phone number:15005453888 (same as Wechat ID)

          Phone number:0535-8762280



          Address: Shandong Province Longkou City Shiliang Town

          The squid ears

          The squid ears

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          Contact Contact: Ms.Bao Phone :15005453877 The phone:0535-8762280 Address: Shandong Province Longkou City Shiliang Town Website:www.gzmgkj.com
          Encyclopedia Squid Pollack abalone octopus
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